3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Affiliate Marketer

Why should you become an affiliate marketer? Let’s have a very real talk about your future right now.

You’ve packed up your dorm room and are heading back home for the summer. What the heck will you do with your free time? You checked out some internships – paid and unpaid – but they’ve already filled their spots on the team.

affiliate marketing blueprintI know how it goes. I was the hiring manager for our intern pool, and we always had 10 times more qualified applicants than we did positions available.

Now that you’re stuck trying to figure out what to do for the summer since your internship plans have fallen through, what should you do?

Wait tables? Work as lifeguard? Get a job babysitting the neighbors?

Or should you do nothing and stay home playing video games all night, and get yelled at by your annoying parents during the day?

Which of these options is going to help pay off your student loans one day, get you further down the road financially, and teach you something invaluable?

None of them.

Menial jobs pay menial wages. And, in a few years you’ll have some serious student loan debt to pay off!

From my experience (and from watching my son lay around playing video games) I recommend learning affiliate marketing while you have the time, live rent-free, and don’t have to pay off your student loans.

Because in 2 to 3 years you’ll be graduating from college and more than likely have $30,000 in debt.

In the future you’ll be at home creating a resume, going on interviews, and becoming disheartened when your dream job doesn’t materialize… and the hiring manager doesn’t find your job on campus a suitable substitute for real world experience… but… but… but… it was a job!

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Learning affiliate marketing right now, while you have your summer free, will set you up for long term passive income, possibly in the thousands of dollars a month. You can pay off your student loans, and you can create a future on your terms.

Affiliate marketing has a snowball affect. Once you learn how to start making sales, you can create more websites and online content that grows your earning potential.

But, you need to learn how to do it first.

Most affiliate marketers get started when they are already:

  1. Frustrated at work and working for a company they loathe
  2. Laid-off or fired from a job they hated anyway
  3. Ready to break free from the 9-5, gain more independence, and travel at-will

My Affiliate Marketing Story

For me, I got started in affiliate marketing when I was laid off from a job – where the bosses were less than desirable :/

15 years prior to being laid off, I had a stellar career in graphics and bag design. I loved my job, but I decided to change companies so I could be in NYC.

affiliaite marketing how to

Unfortunately, the ladies I went to work for just wanted to get a list of my factories in China and borrow a very unique bag of mine to send overseas to knock-off – no joke. I thought this only happened to other people! It really sucks being used.

After the lay-off I started getting into blogging. I’d always wanted to blog, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. So I balanced blogging with taking on freelance clients for a couple of years.

I didn’t really know what I was doing with blogging to make money – I didn’t start out with a blueprint like you can.

I went down a lot of wrong paths and wasted a ton of money in the process. But, I did learn a few ways to monetize my blogs with Amazon Affiliate links. When I started making some money with Amazon, I was addicted!

However, I wish I had found a system earlier on to teach me how to make real money online… the kind of money that pays my bills… the kind of money I can retire on.

Well, no sh*t, I finally found it, and that’s why I’m stoked to write about it now. I’m still going to do my Amazon affiliate marketing niche websites, but this program is teaching me how to make money faster.

affiliaite marketing how to

I’m learning from the AffiloBlueprint course, and it’s filling in the blanks that were keeping me from taking great strides forward.

Everything I wish I had learned 2 years ago when I was laid off is right at my fingertips in the affiliate blueprint class.

3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Affiliate Marketer Now

Right now, while you have time away from college, you can start learning affiliate marketing. I think you should become an affiliate marketer because:

  1. You want to be financially independent one day
  2. You want to pay off your college debt and make your own path to financial security
  3. You want to own your own business and affiliate marketing has a low cost barrier to entry

Don’t waste your summer doing nothing – or playing video games.

Build a foundation of independence so that you won’t be in debt when you graduate. Don’t put yourself in a situation where in 2-3 years you have to move back home with mom, or mom & dad, or dad… or grandma, or whomever!

There is a downside though… and that’s work. Just like in school, you have to work at this program. Yes, you’ll learn how to make money online, but no… they won’t give you a pre-made, cookie cutter website. You’ll have to use your brain to apply the lessons… but unlike college… you won’t have to wait 4 years to start seeing monetary results.

You’ll learn how to research for best selling topics, make a website, drive traffic to it and start making money. But, it will take work.

The best part though, is that your work will be the foundation of your own business. No lay-offs… no firings… no crappy bosses. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you see results fast, and you have all the control.

Check out the AffiloBlueprint course now, and you’ll be sooooo happy you took time to learn how to make money online.

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