5 Best Podcasts and Video Blogs for Affiliate Marketing

5 Best Podcasts and Video Blogs for Affiliate Marketing, earn money blogging, jeff goins podcast, podcasters and video bloggers

5 Best Podcasts and Video Blogs for Affiliate Marketing

I love listening to podcasts while I am working from home. And, when I was working for someone affiliate marketing earnings reportelse, I loved to pop on my headphones in the office and fill my brain with knowledge.

I had a lot of freedom to listen to podcasts in the office because I was a bag designer and spent a lot of time drawing bags, researching bag trends and putting together presentations for our licensing partners.

Listening to entrepreneurial podcasts probably put the affiliate marketing bug in my ear that won’t crawl out!

If you are new to affiliate marketing or making money online, there are a few people you should be listening to regularly.

Here is a short list of podcasters and video bloggers you should listen to weekly:

Rainmaker.fm: Artisanal Publishing and the Hidden Power of the Beginner’s Mind

Publishing a book is like anything else you do for the first time — tough at the beginning, easier as you gain mastery. Jeff sums it up as, “The sort of difficulty which brings freedom with it.”

SmartPassiveIncome.com: SPI 110: Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over

And the objective of my podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show then became to allow people to be a fly on the wall for those conversations but also to dissect how they became and how they are the best at what they do. So it’s applying the 80-20 principle to their skillset whether they’re a chess prodigy like Josh Waitzkin who was the basis for Searching for Bobby Fischer, who was my second interview or say, Jason Silva, who is a filmmaker or a hedge fund manager or whatever it might.

Fizzle.co: If I’m so Smart Why Aren’t I Successful Yet? (FS159)

When we compare ourselves to other people our work gets worse not better.

And yet it’s a totally human experience: “they have people buying, listening, reading, clicking their stuff, why don’t I have that?”

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com: Blogging About The Rise Of Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft) To Make $80,000+ A Year From 10 Different Income Streams

People often ask me if blogging is too ‘old’ to make money from if you are just starting out today, and has it been replaced by social media or podcasting, or youtube …etc.

My response to that question is to point out that the medium of blogging (and thus writing) is still incredibly effective, and it hasn’t been replaced by any of these new platforms. In fact all the new platforms ADD to the equation, giving you so many incredible options to build your audience.

Solopreneurhour.com: 405: Living Your Life Alive, with Autumn Shields

This experience was what Autumn describes in her book as a “Nudge”. A “Nudge”, Autumn describes as something that won’t go away, something that you cannot ignore and burns deep inside of you and keeps you always thinking about it.

Bonus: GaryVaynerchuk Video Blog – Overnight Success & Monday Morning Rant (I love this one)

Last week I was in the Summit, New Jersey, area going to dinner with friends at a BYOB restaurant and needed to pick up a bottle of Pino Grigio.

I’ve been to this wine store near Summit before, but that was prior to me knowing who Gary Vaynerchuk is.

Now that I’m a huge fan, I felt like I was entering the inner sanctum.

It reminded me of being a kid and milling about in the hallway waiting for the moment when, as a family, we would walk between the heavy, oak doors that separated the parishioners from the required hush and humility of the sanctuary.

Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

2 years ago, I had no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk when I first went to The Wine Library.

This time everything was different.

When you walk into The Wine Library it actually resembles a real library… dark wood, aisles of wine bottles for sale in bookshelf type merchandising… and of course Gary V. was on the tv.

This store is evidence of his hard work and commitment to his family’s business and growing his social media outreach via Youtube and marketing.

If you don’t know anything about Gary Vaynerchuk yet, I recommend getting to know him. Not only does he make incredible videos, he has a few books that have inspired countless thousands of people around the world. Check out Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook – to learn how to apply Gary’s social media strategies that took his parents wine store from nominal to a multi-million dollar business in a few short years.

He’s brash, but he has some great advice about marketing yourself and positioning yourself for success.


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Now that you have SIX Podcasts and Video Blogs to learn from… Enjoy filling your brain with much-needed info… but beware of becoming addicted to Podcasts.

The biggest problem with all this information is that you may become dazed and confused. This inevitably leads to inaction… which leads to never starting your own affiliate marketing blog or website. Don’t let that be you!

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*There are affiliate links in this blog post. And I write about the products because they mean something to me. If you click on a link and purchase a book or service, you will be all the smarter in the long run… and I might make an affiliate commission. This is how affiliate marketing works  – how content marketing works. The FTC requires that we (people who have affiliate links & adverts on their sites) put a disclaimer on the sites so that consumers know what’s going on. No one has paid me to write about anything above. I do it because I love it, and I hope you learn something that you can apply to yourself to make money one day!