Affiliate Marketing Income Reports: Amazon Affiliate Earnings for 2015 [Graphic]

2015 was my second year as an Affiliate Marketer for Amazon.

In order to be transparent and share the growth of my affiliate marketing empire, here is my Income & Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report Overview for 2015 – Updated September 2016

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Welcome to my first ever Amazon Affiliate Marketer Annual Earnings Report

Starting in 2016, every month I am going to publish a detailed report sharing exactly how much money I’ve earned online. I’m also going to let you know exactly where it comes from.

The goal of sharing my reports is to inspire you as my affiliate marketing income begins to grow. I’ve learned a lot in the past 24 months, and I hope you can see that reflected in my continued growth a niche website blogger.

Lessons Learned

2014 was like a shotgun blast at the web trying to figure out everything related to affiliate marketing…. and I am still taking great strides in implementing what I’ve learned.

I spent the first three months of 2015 dabbling on the different blogs I started in 2014, making tweaks to themes, and experimenting with content creation.

For the second half of 2015 my main goal was to focus on one website and implement the Amazon Affiliate program as best as I can.

Recently I’ve begun to insert Amazon Native Ads into my posting strategy, and I think they are driving more clicks.

Notoriously, winter months right after Christmas everyone’s affiliate sales take a nose dive.

During the winter months my goal for affiliate marketing is to keep up with the solid work of publishing advertorial content, building backlinks and joining branded affiliate networks to augment my Amazon affiliate link strategy.

2015 Stats Recap:

Posting Schedule & Website Traffic Statistics:

The bulk of my affiliate marketing blog posts took place between April and September 2015. Although I had outlined an excellent writing schedule (while flying to go on vacation) for Fall 2015, life took a lot of twists and turns. I only posted 1 time in October, 3 times in November and 3 times in December.

affiliate marketing site statistics

I think 2015 was a success despite the lack of posting in January, February, March & October, November, December.

Below are 2 images of the traffic statistics taken directly from my Micro Niche Amazon Affiliate Website.

You can see how by increasing my postings of product with Amazon affiliate links has increased my website’s traffic overall. This is why my Amazon affiliate income began to grow throughout 2015.

niche website traffic statistics

Also – here are the monthly averages in more detail. This graphic includes 2014 & 2016 Statistics for reference.

micro niche website traffic statistics, earnings report, income reports, affiliate marketing income reports

2015 Income Reports:

Amazon: I was able to drive over $6,700 in business to Amazon with Amazon affiliate links.

By driving all that business to Amazon, they paid me a percentage of the sales.

My take home revenue was $321.19.

amazon affiliate earnings, earnings report, income reports

This more than paid for my website renewals and whatever goofy ideas I got for starting new sites.

Skimlinks: This is a new program I implemented in 2015. I don’t monetize a lot of links on my site, but I was able to pick up $6.02  overall.

Skimlinks works by:

  • Embedding a code into your site whereby Skimlinks automatically turns key phrases (ie women’s hats) into an affiliate link when a visitor is on your site – (sites using Skimlinks are,, – learn more here )
  • Using a Skimlinks tool installed in your browser bar that becomes active while on a Skimlinks partner website. Copy a monetized link from Skimlinks to use in-line or with a product image.

2016 Goals include:

  1. Writing more posts that feature “Best of” type keywords
  2. Focusing on higher price point items in my niche. I did sell a few items that cost over $300 and brought in a pretty fair profit – see below**
  3. Posting goal is to Post 1 time per week on average
  4. Expanding my participation in affiliate programs from brands.
  5. Adding a Pop-UP type email capture to my main niche website blog
  6. Adding a Pop-UP email capture to Earn Money Blogging with a downloadable file to get subscribers

**Posting about higher price point items is a must. The below item I listed on my site reaped $13.20  or 4% return when someone purchased it. That’s worth every penny of the post I listed which it was sold from.

Think Tank Airport International V 2.0 $329.92 4.00% = $13.20


  • Overall, in 2016 I’ve done about 1/6th of the sales I achieved in 2015.
  • I’m on course to double my 2015 earnings if I keep up with everything as planned.
  • Posting regularly has a big impact on traffic.
  • Posting consistently is a requirement for 2016.
  • Researching what others are doing in my particular niche is a Must to gain insight!
  • And, I must add in a self authored item which adds value to my visitors and causes people to sign up for my email list.

Final Notes:

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope that my sharing my income & earnings report you find inspiration to Earn Money Blogging.

From everything I’ve read from successful bloggers, it takes a good, solid 2 years to begin to see real money come in. I’m not going to say this is easy by any means. If you want to make money online you are going to have to do a lot of work and find a niche that fits with your personal interests and goals.

This is my second year learning how to make money online. I’m hopeful that by the middle of 2016 I’ll have numbers in the $200-$400 range per month to share. Keeping my fingers crossed, my nose to the grind-stone, and my heart on fire!

** Update —- See my August 2016 Income Report Here **

This graphic is from September 20, 2016. Income is on target for the best year yet.

2016 amazon affiliate earnings

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**Please note, there are affiliate ads or links in the above post. I recommend products when I find them useful. If you buy a product I may make a commission at no cost to you. This is a full disclosure.