What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training

This is the age old question everyone asks when they start getting into affiliate marketing online: What is the best affiliate marketing training?

How can I accelerate my knowledge base, create money making websites, learn affiliate marketing to earn real money and get rich fast?

I stumbled upon an awesome thread in the Warrior Forum site today.

The title of the guy’s post is exactly the title of my article here – What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training?

This poor guy has some experience in Forex… he has some knowledge to share… he wants to make money with an affiliate marketing site, but he doesn’t know where to start.

Why is it so difficult to figure out where to start?

Well, once you have made your first website (and they are usually pretty crappy looking), you learn to make tweaks and advances in your presentation.

You start to get more traffic.

You learn which plugins and resources you need.

You figure out how to make really nice infographics or have them hired out.

You learn about Clickbank and Commission Junction and Gumroad.

You start to get the hang of it, and your website starts to take off.

And you forget how confusing it all was when you first discovered you could make money online.

You forget how desperate you were to make your first couple of dollars or even couple of pennies online.

You forget that you were once a newbie blogger, too.

So this guy on Warrior Forum has probably figured out how to make money with affiliate marketing by now. He did post the question in 2012 which is 4 years back at this point.

But let’s dissect the conversation to see what YOU can learn today from his question oh so long ago – in internet years.

The Question: What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training?

John, the newbie affiliate marketer, poses the following statement and question…

First off I want to say that this is my first post here. I have been a long time lurker but for some reason I am feeling the IM itch. I have been involved in forex for years and years and have always dabbled in entrepreneurial type stuff.

Anyway “by accident” I have managed to make a couple of hundred bucks a month by giving honest real money account reviews of forex expert advisors. I think I make a little bit only because my readers know I am sincere. I never tried to sell anything mostly just enjoyed sharing my experiences….

I don’t need to know every single way to make money online but I do need some good credible direction.

Also please feel free with any other newbie advice I am hungry!*

– John (newbie affiliate marketer)

John has made a few hundred dollars giving honest advice online. That’s awesome!

And that should be his first clue that he’s doing something right.

The best and brightest affiliate marketers make money online by giving honest advice and reviews.

The successful affiliate marketers are the ones who take the time to write massive amounts of information from a generally unbiased perspective, and they offer valuable information that helps someone make a purchase.

One of the repliers (I just made that word up) to John’s question gave the best, most succinct, piece of advice:

Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with any ‘programs.’

Just imagine an affiliate link in the middle of the page.

One half of the equation is getting people to the link.

The other half of the equation is getting people to click through with the intention of buying.

Nothing else really matters. – Fin (pro affiliate marketer)

Affiliate marketing, according to Fin, is to create content… stick an affiliate product smack dab in the middle of the content and get people to click the link (or buy now button).

And, that folks, is truly what affiliate marketing is – in a nutshell.

If John were to follow Fin’s advice it would look something like this:

AFFILIATE-MARKETING-TRAINING, best affiliate marketing training

And, now that you’ve gotten the gist of how affiliate marketing works, it’s also prudent to follow the rest of Fin’s advice:

If I could tell someone anything it would be two things:

1) Go broad with your domain name: you want a domain name that doesn’t box you into talking about one specific thing.

2) Go narrow with content: be as specific as you can about a particular part of your niche so you can build up a following, then in the future you can go broader.

Everything else can basically be altered as you go along.

But learn at least one traffic generation method, how to set up a WordPress site, how to write engaging content, and how to sell/pre-sell/persuade.

That sounds so easy, right?

It IS easy – once you have figured it out.

When you first start getting into affiliate marketing (and this happens to everyone), you get into information overload.

Every website you go to has a free download just waiting to show you everything you need to know.

So you sign up and get the freebie.

What you don’t know yet is that the freebie is a hook to get your email address so they can put you into their sales funnel and start selling all kinds of shit to you.

Yes, nothing is for free.

You start reading all this “information” – some of it good, some of it bad – and try to implement what you’ve read.

Remember, all you really wanted was to learn the best affiliate marketing training you could – but you got stuck in a funnel!

You may even sign up for the same program more than once, more than twice… or even three times!

Maybe a year goes by and you have unsubscribed to someone’s list but you stumble upon them again.

You’ve forgotten you even read their freebie last year – or six months ago!

Seriously – this happens.

So you start reading it again… and it seems oddly familiar.

Truly – this happens.

The Answer:

Fin’s advice is spot on.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and earn real money then…

Don’t get stuck in a funnel.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Choose a niche – maybe something like “The Wire Cutter” has created – a review blog that can be about EVERYTHING and nothing at all.

Create a shit ton of content.

Add in a lot of Calls to Action.

And start making money.

Meanwhile… if you do want to learn from a program, I recommend AffiloBlueprint.

Go have a look – looking is free!

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*This article contains affiliate links.