Blogger Earnings Report: Amazon Affiliate Earnings March 2016

Each month in 2016 I am going to post the earnings progress with my main Amazon Affiliate niche website.

It’s important for me to post my monthly earnings report so that you can see how much money I make blogging, and also how much work it takes to earn money with a niche website.

I have a few websites that are in process, but there is 1 niche site that I spend the majority of my time on. (Aside from doing the niche website thing, I am busy launching a Shopify store and importing products from Ecuador – my plate is pretty full!)

My goal is to get my Amazon Affiliate site to $100 a month by May 2016.

What happened on my niche website in March 2016

I posted only 1 article in March. The gist of the post was to list 3 of the best items in my niche.

The title of my post used keywords that are a subset of my niche. For instance, if I was in the fishing niche it would have been 3 Fishing Lures for Trout Fishing for 2016…. but I don’t write about fishing… but you get the gist.

This article was published on March 8 and it’s now the 11th highest ranking post on my site in the past 30 days.

Writing posts that are titled with a number and include the words “Best Of” or something like that really rank well.

If you have a hobby just imagine how you go about researching for your hobby. Write post titles that rank well and key into what people are looking for.

Niche Website Site Statistics

Despite writing only 1 post, my page views increased by +472 over February. We did have 2 more days in March than Feb so this is kind of  a no-brainer.

niche website site statistics


My Amazon Affiliate click statistics also grew.

march amazon affiliate link clicks

In January 2016 I started inserting Amazon Native Ads into my new posts. I also went back and optimized older posts with Native Ads and text links where applicable. This is why I think I am getting more clicks to Amazon products.

q1 Amazon affiliate link Clicks

Compare Q1 2016 to Q4 2015 and you will see a dramatic increase in link clicking to Amazon.

Q1 2016 Clicks on Amazon products = 2154

Q4 2015 Clicks on Amazon products = 936

I more than doubled my link clicks in one of the slowest quarters of the year compared to one of the busiest quarters of the year!!

q4 2015 amazon affiliate link clicks

And, if you want to see a dramatic change – compare Q1 2015 vs Q1 2016.

I made only $6.32 with Amazon in the first 3 months of 2015. 

Moral of the story… If I had quit last year when it seemed hopeless, I wouldn’t be making 10 times the income in one month as compared to last year’s first quarter!

This may not seem like a big deal when it’s only a few tens of dollars, but if you follow other bloggers who make money with Amazon, it’s an incremental business. My progress is normal  🙂

2015 amazon affiliate earnings

If you have an Amazon Affiliate website, go back and add in Native Shopping ads with relevant products that YOU choose with the Custom Ads filter!

Amazon Earnings Report Summary

Overall in March I was credited with 42 Items Shipped and $68.89 in Advertising Fees also known as Revenue!

In February I had only 28 Items Ship and made $58.92. The numbers have changed since my last earnings report in February because some items were returned so the totals changed.

There was a pretty significant increase in items shipped, which is pretty sweet, but the items were inexpensive so my gross revenue wasn’t a big increase.

The thing about shipping items is that the more sales that occur, the greater your percentage goes up.

Amazon starts out at 4% of the sale as your profit, but if you get over one of their benchmarks your earnings increase to 6% of the sale. And, there are increases as you are rewarded for driving buyers to Amazon.

Other Income

Kindle Publishing:

I made $6.17 on Kindle Publishing. I have 3 titles on Kindle. They are super-hyper niche and not in the big 3 categories of – Love & Relationships, Money, Health & Fitness.

I haven’t gone big with Kindle Publishing. There are a lot of people who make money this way, and I probably would if I tried, but I have a lot on my plate and doing the Amazon Affiliate program is where I am focused for now.

If you want to learn about Kindle Publishing I recommend Project Life Mastery  – Stefan is an awesome and motivating guy!

Well, that covers my March 2016 Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report.

I still only made enough money to buy 2 cups of joe from 7-11… which isn’t the worst coffee in the world! I actually don’t care for Dunkin Donuts coffee that much :/

affiliate earnings report, blogger earnings report

My stats are increasing, sales are increasing overall, and my main niche website is growing. I do have a couple of other URLs registered and have some content on them. Should I work on those?? Or focus more on my #1 site?

Since my monetary goal is to make at least $100 per month by May, I better get my butt in gear and post Best Of articles, add in more content and get traction on my other sites.

My 2016 Overall Goals are to:

  • Optimize my existing pages better for SEO
  • Utilize Amazon Native Ads more
  • Write Buy Guides and more Best Of’s
  • Build Back Links on Relevant Youtube, Quora & Other Relevant Blogs to drive more traffic
  • Continue to Post my Earnings Report monthly so I can see and share my progress

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