Blogger Earnings Report: April 2016

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Each month in 2016 I am going to post the earnings progress with my main Amazon Affiliate niche website.

My 2016 Overall Goals are to:

  • Optimize my existing pages better for SEO
  • Utilize Amazon Native Ads more
  • Write Buy Guides and more Best Of’s
  • Build Back Links on Relevant Youtube, Quora & Other Relevant Blogs to drive more traffic
  • Continue to Post my Earnings Report monthly so I can share my progress and motivate others

In last month’s blogger earnings report I said my goal is to get my main niche website to $100 per month. I made $98 in April and am almost there!

I applied a couple of approaches to achieve a %50 increase in Revenue and a %50 increase in Link Clicks.affiliate marketing earnings report

See my March 2016 Blogger Earnings Report here!

What happened on my niche website in April 2016

I posted 5 times in March.

3 of the 5 posts are “Best Of” type posts. I researched niches within my genre to focus on. Traffic has been huge on 2 of the 3 of those posts.

I published 1 article that is more informative and a How To. It gets so-so traffic right now. I need to promote it more on Quora and Youtube.

I posted 1 article that is a keyword that people search for directly and it is also so-so in traffic. :/

Niche Website Site Statistics

Despite writing 5 posts, my page views increased only by +269 over March.

That’s kind of shocking considering I wrote more on my blog and my sales increased by 50%.

My stats are now at 3506 for the month of April compared to 3237 for March.

blogger site statistics

Here are March 2016 statistics on my niche website blog views.

niche website site statistics


Clicks on Amazon increased by 50% in April over March. I had 1219 Link Clicks on Amazon products in April.

That’s 418 more clicks on one month! That’s a huge increase 🙂

blooger link clicks, amazon clicks

March clicks were only 801.

march amazon affiliate link clicks

Why did my Stats increase?

In April I started 2 new tactics.

  1. I created Youtube videos that are related to my best ranking blog posts.
  2. And, I started inserting links to the products I talk about in the information section in the Youtube video.

Amazon Earnings Report Summary for April 2016

In April I made $98.28 – not quite $100, but I’ll take it!

Amazon April Blogger Earnings Report April 2016


Other Income

I’m not going to report any other income for right now. I’m only going to focus on sharing the Amazon Affiliate account earnings.

Why? Because I am setting up some new approaches to affiliate marketing that I want to flesh out for May and going forward. Until I get more of a strategy on other revenue streams I’m just sticking to my Amazon Affiliate earnings for now.

Well, that covers my April 2016 Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report.

Happily, I can now buy 3 cups of coffee from 7-11… or go out on a nice date to a decent restaurant… in the suburbs of NYC. 🙂

affiliate earnings report

Thanks for reading my April 2016 Blogger Earnings Report. 

It may not seem like I make much from Affiliate marketing, but I am really happy that I am making almost $100. That’s a bottom line addition to my annual revenue – and I’ll take it.

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