Blogging Earnings September 2016

2016 amazon affiliate earnings report

Amazon Affiliate Earnings so far in 2016

Blogging Earnings September 2016

Every month I recap my blogging earnings. I have a few niche websites with blogging earningsmonetized content out there but only one has a lot of traffic and makes me the big bucks.

I have fallen short of writing any review articles for my niche website since mid-July.

However, I have tweaked a few things (on page SEO) to make my site more optimal for search engines.

Sometimes getting more traffic isn’t by creating more posts, and if you read Brian Dean’s case studies and tutorials, you’ll learn that tweaking your blog may make traffic take-off!

By tweaking old articles, updating them and deleting low performing pages on your blog you’ll give Google more of what it wants – a killer website with optimized content.

Is this what’s helping me make more money blogging?

Well, my Amazon Affiliate earnings for September almost doubled from August…

The verdict? Applying new strategies to old content may be a winning strategy!

Amazon Affiliate Earnings for September 2016:

Overall, my September income was $507.99 / August was $287.72

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I also made money from Great Britain, Germany and Canada…

I finally hit the Great Britain minimum to receive payment, so I should be getting a check in the mail in 60 days.

For Germany and Canada, the income will go into a pool until I hit the minimum payout threshold.





Ringpartner Earnings:

I’m always open to experimenting with new money-making opportunities… and last month I mentioned Ringpartner Pay Per Call advertising.

Learn more about Ringpartner in my August 2016 income report

I also mentioned that it cost me a lot up front, and using Google Adwords to drive traffic cost a lot with a less than stellar payout.

In September I didn’t spend any money on Adwords. However, I had put together a channel on Youtube and stuck a video on it.. as well as posting a few photos with a phone number on Pinterest.

With my non-paid traffic generators I was able to pick up an extra $25 from Ringpartner. Now, it’s not a lot of money, but it’s where I was when I first started niche websites… if you look back at my income reports from 2014 & 2015, and even January of 2016, you’ll see that I earned about $25 from Amazon… but now that I have a solid niche website with optimized content, I’m earning more.

This make money online game is all the same… try new ideas, test them, tweak them and see what sticks. When something sticks, see if you can scale it up and earn more money.

Here are my “cost-free” earnings from Ringpartner… all this was made by sticking some info on the web and making it available for people to stumble upon.

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My call volume was down, because of no paid advertising, my earnings were also down, but my conversion rate was up…. and it was all FREE… thanks to Pinterest and Youtube traffic.


Niche Website Blog Stats:

My Amazon Niche Website has some really nice stats.

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I had 4232 visitors, 6658 page views and 2259 outbound links – most of them to Amazon. My bounce rate is 22% and the average visit is 3 min 41 seconds.

That’s all pretty solid!


My Earn Money Blogging Stats:

This website, Earn Money Blogging, doesn’t get a lot of traffic. I started it in 2014 but it sat languishing for a loooong time. Now that I update my blogging earnings here, and I try to publish more frequently, my stats are increasing.

I don’t make any money from this blog though…. and I’m not a blogging genius, like Neil Patel, Amy Lynn Andrews or Brian Dean. I’m just a chick who is trying to learn how to make money online…

I do enjoy seeing the stats grow for this site… and would like to see it earn money one day. That’s probably way off in the future though.

Regardless, here are the historical stats. If you think you can start blogging about blogging and make money from your site, you probably can’t.

The blogging niche is a competitive niche dominated by some of the best bloggers in the world.

Stick to finding a  product niche, write product reviews, and learn to rank your website on page 1 of Google for a few key words. This is your best bet to making money online.

If you want to emulate anyone… emulate The Wirecutter.


September has been my best financial month ever, and each month is getting better with my online income.

I hope I am inspiring you to try something new like PPC marketing or starting a niche website.

The best way to start making money online is to start a blog, monetize it, learn new techniques to rank better in Google – and work smarter, not harder.


Final Notes, The Family Business:

For the past few months I’ve mentioned my family starting a website and selling Alpaca Products. We had a big fair to attend in Pennsylvania last week… and we made about $2500.

We were there from Saturday – Saturday… it was a grueling schedule. It rained a couple of days in the middle, so we didn’t open the booth those days.

We learned from this experience:

  1. Don’t try to make money at fairs where FOOD is the focus
  2. Always walk a fair if possible before attending to see what the demographics are
  3. Don’t sign up for a week-long fair – it’s a killer

We made well below our goal. I was hoping for over $10,000 in profit, but we made just over $2500.

Regardless, it’s a solid amount of money and will help pay down 1 credit card. We are only invested in the business for less than $7500. We are not too far upside down, and if we expense and apply losses to our first year like Trump did on his taxes, we should be right side up going into 2017! 🙂

If you want to learn a blogging system and make money from affiliate marketing or even by using Adsense, there are a lot of programs out there to teach you. I recently came across Jon Dykstra’s program and think it’s a good investment if you want to learn how to make money from websites that are niche related and use advertising as the core revenue source. Check out Niche Tycoon for more info. Jon seems like one of those good guys on the web…

See more Blogger Income Reports from these Successful blogging gurus:   Matthew Woodward  Jon Dykstra


**Please note, there are affiliate ads or links in the above post. I recommend products when I find them useful. If you buy a product I may make a commission at no cost to you. This is a full disclosure.


  1. David
    October 5, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    Hi Carlin,

    First time here lol

    I’m glad that you are making money online.

    Actually I started 2 websites on December last year obviously lol I know I know maybe it wasnt the right time lol but the traffic keeps going up and the revenue as well.

    You got a new follower.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Carlin
    January 3, 2017 / 9:02 am

    Hope your sites have taken off this year!