Blogging Income Report

Blogging Income Update:

Wow, it’s been over 6 months since I posted any progress to this blog.

In 2016, I had a pretty solid year. It was my 2nd year at this affiliate marketing gig, and my income increased almost 10x’s since the prior year.

And now, midway through 2017, I’ve already surpassed where I was last year with the Amazon affiliate program, I’ve gained SEO clients and have made up to several thousand dollars per month with SEO.

And, I’m making almost $5000 with my niche marketing websites.

Here are a couple of my income reports for the year…. I’m pretty stoked about the progress.

There have been some Google algorithm updates that have affected site traffic since February & March, but I’ve been fighting to create new content, add inner links, build out some social signals and add comments on other blogs.

Amazon Affiliate Income January – July 2017

Amazon Affiliate Income 2017


Ringpartner PPC Income January – July 2017

Ring partner income 2017


My total income from the websites I own (except for a few other bits and pieces of random income) is:

$4817.40 so far in 2017.

That’s about $621 of extra income per month.

Where My Focus Is:

A couple of things I’m going now, #1 paying a writer to add content to my sites, #2 hired a VA to create pages for my lead gen/ppc sites.

The VA is living in eastern Europe, very affordable, and the writer is a local college kid.

Hoping the added hands on deck will free me up to grow the sites in other ways – link building, inner linking, redesigning the sites, adding content & researching how others have grown their businesses.

I put together a spreadsheet of all my sites, the income, the amount of content, and the year created… of course the sites with the most content & aged domains make the most money for me.

But, if I keep adding content to the newer sites & building out their social profiles & links – they’ll be winners next year, too.

Let me know if I can help you grow your business, build out a niche site for you, or consult with you!