Does Anyone Make Money with Amazon Associates?

The answer is a resounding – Yes! People do make real money with the Amazon Associates program, aka Amazon Affiliates.

My earnings reports are published on Earn Money Blogging every month.

And, I know what you might be thinking – big deal. You are making less than $100 a month!

Right… And, last year this time I made only $6.32 or so in the first three months of 2015.2015 amazon affiliate earnings

So far this year I’ve made over $160.00 in the first three months of 2016.

Amazon Earnings Report Q1 2016, Make Money Amazon Associates

Let’s take a look at people who make substantial monthly earnings from the Amazon Associates program:

The Lesley Show 

  • She made $3,428 in February 2016
  • Over $50,000 in December 2015 just with Amazon Associates
  • And $380.95 in May of 2014
  • That’s exponential growth due to consistent effort and article writing.

Brendan Mace

Think Entrepreneurship

These are 3 real people who started a blog, learned how to monetize their blog, and earn money blogging.


How Can YOU Make Money Blogging?

All you have to do is pick a topic that is interesting to you. 

affiliate marketing earnings reportWrite about your favorite topic consistently.

Add opportunities for affiliate marketing to your blog posts.

And start publishing articles on your blog. It’s not rocket science. 🙂

That’s what I started to do with my niche website in 2014 but slowed down when life got busy!!

If I had stayed consistent and learned how to write better articles I would be further down the road with my profits.

It’s never too late for me to tweak my blog and write better posts! 

My goal right now is to update my existing posts with new affiliate marketing links and create more opportunities for myself to earn money online. It’s really that easy!

If you want to see if your idea for a blog is available, Bluehost has the perfect tool to check availability now. Just type in your idea for a website name below and you can immediately find out if your blog idea is going to work!

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I’ve written a post on how to structure your post and what information to include when writing affiliate marketing articles to make money.

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