How do you start earning money online from blogging?

These are the steps I used to earn money online from blogging when I first started out. I’ve only been at it for 2 years, but I’ve made over $1500.00 from my blog.

  • Find a niche product.
  • Write reviews and articles about the product.
  • Create affiliate links within the content which pay a commission and put money in your pocket after someone makes a purchase via the affiliate link.

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As a Blogger, I Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate marketing is utilizing the incentive structure companies have set up to motivate others promote their products with affiliate programs.

An Affiliate Marketer is a technically a content publisher who earns advertising fees (money) by publishing content or blog posts that promotes other people’s products. When a reader clicks on the affiliate link in my blog post and purchases a product I get paid a percentage of the sale.

Here are my Advertising Fees from Amazon for August 2016:

blogging earning and income report

Here are my Advertising Fees from Amazon from February 2016:

newbie blogger income report, amazon affiliate marketing

In order to build consistent affiliate marketing income streams, you need to learn how to find a niche that works. The first step is to research potential ideas… most people make money from Food or Health Blogs, DIY Blogs, and Relationship Blogs.

The best way to make money from each of these blogs is to find a very specific topic to make a blog about… if you know something about a specific diet you could start a blog that covers that diet.

Take Paleo, for example. is a blog about the Paleo diet – and the blogger makes her income directly from that blog.


See if your idea for a blog is available, Bluehost has the perfect tool to check availability now. Type your idea for a website into the Bluehost tool and immediately find out if your idea is going to work.


Some great examples of websites which use affiliate links to make money are:


And there are a million more sites which I can’t even begin to list using affiliate marketing to monetize their content and drive business to companies with affiliate programs.

niche tycoon system, how to make money from your blog

My Affiliate Marketing History

My preferred micro niche market is related to photography.

I have set up a blog that promotes photography related gear. I’ve been writing for this site for almost 2 years now. A lot of my pages rank well in Google, and my income is starting to take off.

But, it took time, effort and a lot of tweaking to figure out what works.

Here are my niche website statistics through February 2016. I started writing consistently in April 2015 for 5-6 months and my stats are continuing to climb – so are my Amazon sales!

niche website site statistics, earn money blogging


What I’ve Done to Create a Money Making Blog

  1. I set up a hosting account on Bluehost
  2. I downloaded a theme from Elegant Themes, and..
  3. I went to work setting up my blog posts with Amazon affiliate links.

best niche website theme, niche website wordpress themes


In 2014 I put in minimal effort trying to figure out niche websites and affiliate marketing and made $15.25 with Amazon’s affiliate progrm:

amazon affiliate earnings 2014

In 2015 I worked on my blog for about 5 months and less than 5 hours a week and made $321.19 overall for 2015 by driving $6,799.46 of business to Amazon:

amazon affiliate earnings

It may not look like much… in fact, it’s less than $1 per day, but it has been rewarding. I’ve set up a site that is growing. If you look at the numbers you can see that for 2016 I have the potential to grow my affiliate income exponentially!

For 2016, I’ve already made over $1000.00. That’s a fantastic increase in profits. 🙂

amazon affiliate site earnings, amazon affiliate income report, earn money online from blogging

What Can You Do to Make Money from Blogging?

Aside from Amazon, most brands and webstores (such as, have an affiliate program.

When you are deciding upon a niche market to promote, check out the websites of the products you are interested in, and not just Amazon. I have signed up for quite a few photography gear affiliate programs and am driving business that way.

earn money blogging, make money onlineAlso, a great resource to sign up for AFTER you have established yourself with a respectable site is Skimlinks. Skimlinks is a comprehensive program that works with a myriad of online sites to create linkable / commissionable products. Skimlinks has a tool bar you can install that will let you know when you are on a site whether or not it will pay a commission. If it does, you can get a link directly from the page via the tool bar and create links instantly. Sign up for Skimlinks once you’ve set up a nice looking site.

Want to know more? See how I set up a niche website here and follow my step by step process to build a profitable online business model right now.

Need to know which tools to use? Here’s my Resources page that lays out which tools I use on most of my websites.

Now it’s time for you to get going!

So, What’s Next For You with Affiliate Marketing?

Choose a niche that you are interested in and start a content website.

Promotes the products related to the micro niche with review articles, and set up social media accounts to build links and gain some validity from Google.

If you want to create a simple review site like you will need to build a lot of back links to the niche site and a lot of patience before it ranks well in Google.

The only thing limiting your earning potential right now is the amount of effort you are willing to put into becoming a stellar affiliate marketer.

Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase something or subscribe to a service I recommend. The commission doesn’t come out of your pocket. It’s a fee the publisher pays to me as the person who led you to their product or service.

This is the gist of affiliate marketing – to drive sales via online real estate to a product that your audience finds useful. For each sale I may only make a few cents or a few dollars, but this is how I stay motivated and earn money to keep this site up and running. Your support is appreciated.