How $24 Will Change Your Life as an Affiliate Marketer


How I Make Money Blogging

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for about 2 years now.

My first blog was launched in spring of 2014, and I spent a ton of time trying to learn as much as possible.

Finding a way to make the first profit becomes an obsession.  And it’s frustrating trying to figure out how to start a money making blog.

It’s the same for everyone. We scour the internet for advice, tutorials, and how-to books to learn the best way to make money online.


See how I went from earning $321 in 2015 to $2800 in 2016 from my blog


Youtube Bloggers

I started following a few people on Youtube early on in my affiliate marketing education.

Their videos were helpful because they taught me the basics of affiliate marketing, how to  set up a niche website, how to stay motivated to write, how to use different tools in the background on my WordPress site to make it function properly, etc.

One of my favorites is Lisa Irby. She’s a successful affiliate marketer with a robust channel of how to’s for affiliate marketing.

She has a no-bullshit way of explaining her system of making money online. Because she’s so real, I learned a lot from her about affiliate marketing as a newbie.

Lisa Irby now has a course on where she puts everything together logically so that you don’t have to sift through her Youtube channel and try to make it all make sense in order.



What is Udemy?

If you don’t know about Udemy, it’s an excellent resource to pay for courses (some are free) to learn things such as affiliate marketing, or pretty much anything you want to learn about.

Experts put together online courses and charge what they think is reasonable.What I like about Lisa’s course is it’s not very expensive.

lisa irby udemy course, affiliate marketing course on udemy


How $24 Will Change Your Life as an Affiliate Marketer – Update 2017 Price has gone up to $96

It’s awesome that you can get most of Lisa’s info for free on Youtube, but by purchasing her course on Udemy, you’ll get a step by step guide to start your own niche market website.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Congealed into one 4 hour course, you can get all of Lisa’s insights to help you start as a newbie affiliate marketer.

You’ll be able to learn from one of the best affiliate marketing gurus around.

Lisa Irby’s course “Affiliate Marketing – Make Passive Income Online” is:

  1. The perfect course for newbies or people who are struggling with making money online.
  2. Going to give you a solid foundation on how to build an authority website that people trust and will earn you money for years to come.
  3. Going to teach you how to earn money from your site by joining affiliate programs and recommending products that are related to your site’s content.
  4. Going to teach you how to rank a website.
  5. Going to teach you email marketing strategies that will help drive traffic to your affiliate site and convert more sales.
  6. Going to teach you strategies that maximize your affiliate marketing earnings

Over 4,278 students have taken her course… obviously a lot of people want to quit their jobs and start earning money blogging online.

lisa irby udemy course, affiliate marketing course on udemy

The reviews of her course are right there for you to read also. 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 210 ratings. That’s pretty phenomenal.

She has put together video modules on the following:

  • Section 1: Intro to Affiliate Marketing
  • Section 2: Brainstorming and Research
  • Section 3: Creating Your Website
  • Section 4: Affiliate Links
  • Section 5: Ranking Your Website on Google – No Hype, Raw Facts!
  • Section 6: More Traffic Tips
  • Section 7: Specific Affiliate Program Strategies
  • Section 8: Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn More
  • Section 9: Conclusion – 3 videos to wrap everything up

Each section on affiliate marketing has multiple videos so that you will have a thorough working knowledge of each of her points.

lisa irby udemy course, affiliate marketing course on udemy

I know from watching her Youtube videos that she’s spot on when it comes to educating in a way that makes sense.

Even though I have 2 years with affiliate marketing, $24 is not much to pay for a re-education. And, as one reviewer with 3 years of affiliate marketing said, he learned something new also.

Sign up today and let me know what you’ve learned! And, check out more courses on