Want to Earn Money Blogging? 

The #1 way I earn money on my blogs is through the Amazon Affiliate Program.affiliaite marketing how to

I earn money blogging by writing product reviews and posting affiliate links to a dedicated niche topic website.

By posting links to products from your Amazon Affiliate account you can make money when someone clicks on a link and makes a purchase on Amazon. The basic strategy for Amazon is to have people like me and you become “advertisers” for them.

By directing someone to the Amazon marketplace with a link we become Amazon’s sales team. And, as any great sales person knows, when you get a sale you get a commission.

Amazon Sales Commission:

The base price of a commission with Amazon is 4%. It doesn’t sound like much, but if someone makes a $100 purchase my commission is $4. If I am a really good sales person and have staked my claim in the internet real estate with Amazon Affiliate Links, I stand to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer for Amazon.

An example of an Amazon Affiliate link is this:

Want to learn how to make money on Amazon??

An excellent guide to making money with Amazon Affiliate program is Dan John’s book Amazon Associates: Complete Guide: Make Money Online with Amazon Associates: The Amazon Associates Bible: A Step-By-Step Guide on Amazon Associates Affiliate … Program, Amazon Affiliate Income Book 1) 


Amazon Associates Complete Guide

Dan John’s complete guide to Amazon includes:

  • What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
  • Step 1: Find a Niche
  • Step 2: Build a Website
  • Step 3: Sign up with Amazon Associates
  • Step 4: Start Promoting Products
  • 25 Best Kept Secrets to Maximize Your Earnings with Amazon Affiliate Program
  • 11 Best Practices on How Not to Get Banned on Amazon Associates


Basically I wrote a small blurb which includes a link to Dan’s book on Amazon. If you want to learn how to make money on Amazon you would click the link and purchase Dan’s book. Hopefully, you will also be directed by Amazon’s intelligent lead generating machine to buy more books or other products at the same time.

The next question you may be asking is how and where do I publish links?

For me, I have several niche websites which I have developed that I post product reviews and books reviews on.

An excellent resource for developing niche websites is:

how to make a niche website that makes money

The Niche Website ATM: How You Can Set Up a Stupid Simple Niche Website and Make Hundreds a Month On Complete Autopilot (make money online & internet marketing … email list building, passive income online)  by Redd Myles

The topics he covers are:

  • How to chose a profitable niche
  • How to research and find good keywords for the website
  • How to set up and host the website
  • How to get cheap content writers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to get quality backlinks
  • How to set up an email opt in form
  • How to monetize the website

I also use Pinterest to post links to products on Amazon. With laser targeted marketing I am able to get clicks on my products and generate sales.

50 Ways to Make Money on PinterestDaniel Rosenstein’s authoritative work called  50 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest outlines strategies for building your Pinterest business.

Overall, there a focused and targeted ways to earn money blogging.

You can make a passive income blogging by using the Amazon Affiliate program to share profitable links and build niche websites. This is how I earn money blogging.

It’s a daily adventure building internet real estate with powerful profitable links and well worth the effort.