How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles

You want to make money online and have heard about affiliate marketing websites and niche websites.

But, you don’t know how to write affiliate marketing articles or design an affiliate website that will make money.

I am going to explain how to write money-making affiliate articles so that you maximize your opportunity to earn money blogging.

The steps to take are:

  1. Choose a niche or topic that is meaningful to you.
  2. Register a domain with Bluehost that includes the name of your niche – (My websites are all on Bluehost). For example, is one I registered to review JEEP accessories. I don’t do much with it right now, but it has the keywords for the niche in the URL and has a lot of product opportunities for writing content (And, it’s for sale if you’d like to buy it!).
  3. First, write Best Of, Best Affordable, and Best Cheap (Blah Blah) Posts that are 2,000 – 5,000 words in length and include affiliate links in the articles.
  4. Secondly, write Shorter Product Specific affiliate marketing articles at 300-500 words each to give Google freshness every week or month. Over time, you will only need to write 2-4 shorter articles per month, but starting out you will need a dozen or so articles up on your site quickly. The Best of posts will bring in most of your traffic and drive most of your readers to Amazon. The shorter posts are there to give your website depth so that it doesn’t get hit with “Thin Content” penalties. See here for an example of a shorter product specific affiliate post.

If you want to see if your idea for a blog is available, Bluehost has the perfect tool to check availability right now. Just type in your idea for a website name below, and you can immediately find out if your blog idea is going to work!

How to Write Effective Affiliate Marketing Articles

Let’s assume you’ve already picked out a niche topic to write about, have registered your domain name with Bluehost, and set up WordPress as your blogging platform.

You will also need to have a simple website theme installed. I recommend using a basic Magazine Style Theme for your website. Any basic theme that has space for a nice logo, a sticky post on the front page, and can support multiple menus will work.

magazine style blog theme

Studio Blue from Elegant Themes is a great option!

After you get your website and theme installed you will want to start studying the products you will write about in your “Best Of” Affiliate Marketing articles.

I’m not going to lie, writing affiliate marketing articles takes time.

When I first started writing I had no idea what would make a great article. I thought that writing short, blurb-like articles (200-300 words) would be better than writing longer content articles. I was so wrong.

It wasn’t until I learned how to write longer review articles that my website started to get traffic.

When it comes to getting organic growth and organic traffic on your blog, focusing on specific product niches with Best of or Best Affordable articles does wonders.

Affiliate Articles Content Strategy:

When you start researching and preparing to write you will want to build your affiliate marketing articles according to this format:

A. Write a 300-500 word overview of everything a buyer of your product should consider when making a purchase. What will the product need to have to make it the best product for a person to buy?

For this section, you will need to read other people’s reviews. You will also want to read Amazon customer reviews thoroughly. Amazon customers love to write reviews that include info about what they were looking for in an item before they bought it.

They will also leave comments in the reviews about what they love in their new product purchase and what they have found problems with. (But, don’t copy and paste customer reviews into your article. Google and Amazon frown up word for word copy and pasting of content – or duplicate content.)

B. At the very top of the Best Of post include all of the items featured in the article and their price points so that your reader can quickly scan what’s included. Be sure to include affiliate links in this section.

Link directly to the Amazon page with a link containing your affiliate code. The customer may jump ahead to Amazon immediately based on the overview and photos.

C. For each item, create a specific section in the Best Of article where you go into detail about the product features and specifications.

You can get this information from the manufacturers page or from Amazon directly. Be sure to make the specifications look nice and organized – and scan-able for the reader.

D. To create a great affiliate marketing article, include how it compares to the competition.

What makes it different than product A or product B? Why would this be a great item to purchase?

What specific need will it fulfill for the consumer?

You can also get ideas for this from the Amazon product comments. People love to say why they bought this item and what need it fulfilled in their life.

In the end, the goal of your affiliate product articles is to create a usable guide to help a consumer purchase a product.

By summarizing the benefits of the different products in one place and giving specific examples of the need it may fulfill in their life, you are creating a valuable tool for the consumer to make a buying decision right then.

You are giving your affiliate marketing article the best chance of making a sale and putting a commission in your pocket.

E. And, the final bit of info to include in your article is a summary by price point.

“If you have $200 to spend, Product A is the best choice… if money is no object, then Product E is the best choice”… “for the price point, you will get the best product for you money if you purchase Product E,” and so on.

Summarize the findings so that it is easy for the consumer to make a purchase.

F. Product images… Product images are very important!

You will want to use existing images from Amazon or the product’s home page on the manufacturer’s website. By right clicking on the image you can save it to a folder on your desk top.

When saving the image be sure to save it by the item’s name. Ie, if it is Samsonite Luggage, or more specifically, Samsonite Feather Lite Wheeled Carry-On, be sure to name it after the specific item.

When you save your images by the brand and product name you give Google a chance to rank your images in search results and drive readers to your website.

When uploading an image to your WordPress website, you will have an option to fill in “Alt Text”. Be sure to add keywords that will help Google rank your images in as many ways as possible. You can also call your images “best carry-on luggage” or “Best Samsonite carry-on wheeled luggage” etc.

affiliate marketing articles, best of affiliate marketing

When uploading the image, be sure to add the Amazon Affiliate link to the image also.

There is a box that will allow you to add a link that will open in a new window.

Always open links in a new window so that the reader stays on your page directly, but the reader also has access to Amazon and can peruse Amazon like a pro.

Now that you have the basis for writing the BEST Affiliate Marketing Articles ever… what’s stopping you?

I know what’s stopping you… YOU ARE!

Challenges When Writing Affiliate Marketing Articles

The #1 challenge to writing effective posts is YOU.

You are the #1 biggest obstacle to being an effective affiliate marketer.

You will get frustrated and annoyed with the process.

You won’t believe that it takes effort and time to make money.

You will want instant gratification.

You will want to sprint to thousands of dollars a month instead of train for the affiliate money-making marathon.

You will want to quit.

How do you overcome the desire to quit writing affiliate marketing articles?

You work on your site weekly.

You make small, incremental, achievable goals.

You write a few hundred words daily or weekly.

You research your niche, commit to the Best Of articles business model.

Find one platform that works and stick with it, and, I promise you this… once you find a formula that works, you will make money.

The only path to success is consistent, quality content.

How to Get Traffic to your Affiliate Marketing Articles?

Now that you have written articles and gotten them onto the web, how do you get traffic?

I have set up Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + accounts and publish my content there (or add a link to my site) on those social media sites.

By publishing my content to social media platforms I am building proof to Google that my website is quality and worth ranking.

Second step, I head over to and find relevant topics to share my content in the comments sections under Quora questions. By answering Quora questions with relevant answers, I can link back to my site and not look like an idiot.

Thirdly, I find forums where people ask questions and leave a comment with a link in the comments section.

To get traffic in the beginning stages, you have to work at it.

And the best way to start getting traffic is by writing consistent, quality content.

Now that you have the outline for writing successful affiliate marketing articles, what’ stopping you?

Head over to Bluehost to register your domain, pick up a simple, quality theme and start researching content for your “Best of” posts right now.

To see income reports of bloggers who have made money blogging, take a look at this post. And, to follow my progress, check out my monthly blogging income reports here.

To see an example of one style of Affiliate Article Marketing Website, check out Shower Head Specialists here. This is similar to my above description, but it’s got its own flair and style.

And, to learn more about Affiliate Marketing – sign up for this $24 Affiliate Marketing class that includes 4 hours of videos and step by step tutorials on

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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