How I Make Money Blogging: May 2016 Bloggers Earnings Report

How I Make Money Blogging: May 2016 Bloggers Earnings Report 

This month I’m excited to say I achieved my blogging goal of making over $100 by May 2016. At the beginning of 2016 I decided that I was going to put more effort into my Amazon Affiliate niche website.

If you are a Newbie Blogger you might not get excited about making over $100 on a blog… I get it. It’s easy to get dollar signs in your eyes when you start seeing all those internet marketing gurus writing about their tens of thousands of dollars of income.

The reality of affiliate marketing is this… unless you stumble upon a magical formula when you first start out, it will take time to find your way.

Making money as a newbie affiliate marketer is exactly as everyone says it is… a Marathon, not a Sprint.

I began a multi-pronged approach this spring to getting more traffic after reading the blog by Brent Hale.

He isn’t an Internet Marketing Guru, not exactly, but he has figured out a system to rank his niche websites that works.

Brent inspired me to go back and rewrite some of the articles that were getting the most views – to make them work even better for my niche website.

Brent recommends doing a few key things to get your affiliate website to rank on page 1 of Google:

  1. To write longer content posts (still not his mammoth 7000-15000 word posts)
  2. To write Best Of posts
  3. To promote content via social media
  4. To add in Call to Action Buttons

I went back to some my posts that were bringing in the most views and updated them. I added more product reviews INTO the posts, more Calls to Action (CTA) buttons, and redesigned the posts a little bit. Now those posts are about 2000 words instead of 800 or so.


Promoting My Niche Website

I put together some Youtube videos and links to my website that helped get traffic to Amazon, and I did more with Twitter outreach and posting than I had in the past.

I didn’t promote my niche website every day, but I did some work weekly. The good aspect about the Youtube videos is that Google likes itself so making videos is a no-brainer.

Twitter traffic is also awesome, and I posted links to some of my content in under relevant questions.

Overall, my traffic increased, my clicks increased and my sales increased.

My grand total for Amazon Affiliate Sales in May 2016 was $140.94

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May 2016 Amazon Affiliate Earnings

This may not look like much money to the average person, but tell me, do you know anyone who makes money on the internet from their blog?

Hmmmmm….. I didn’t think so!

Compare May 2016 total income to January-March 2016: I made $158.57 for the first three months of 2016. May is HUGE for me… the work I put in has really paid off.

Ok, so why am I wasting my time trying to make money online? Because I want to see if I can get to that $10,000 mark. I want to be able to make a living from my blog(s).


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2016 Content Goals for My Niche Website

My money making blog is a niche website about products related to photography. It’s not – yet. After I get my Amazon Affiliate niche site making more money, I want to work on this site to get traffic, an email list, and followers.

My niche website is xxxxxxx (removed link)- I don’t mind sharing it because the cameras / camera gear / camera bag niche is competitive! Competition is actually good because it means people can turn a profit in that niche.

Type in the phrase “best camera bags” and you get over 15 Million search results…. but you also get quite a few niche websites on the first page (not just Amazon results)… including TheWirecutter – an expert review site that makes money from affiliate marketing.

My goal with my photography niche site is to change its format from writing about bags and carry accessories to writing about cameras, lenses, tripods, and more.

There is a lot of money to be made writing about photography gear, and there are a lot of people writing about photography equipment and gear.

If you like photography I recommend you make your own site. If not, research topics and create a niche ideas list or find a hobby that you like and write about that instead.


2016 Monetary Goals for My Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

Now that I’ve gotten to almost $150 in May, I’d like to generate $300 for June.

Can I do it??

I’m going to try some strategies I’ve seen really successful sites employ, and I hope that it pays off.

I may not get enough traffic in the summer months, and if I don’t, at least I’ll be setting myself up for Fall/Christmas sales.

With my continued effort, I can now buy 5 cups of coffee a day from 7-11… or Dunkin Donuts…  :-)
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How Can You Make Money Online?

If you want help learning how to make money online, read my post on How to Make Money Without a Website.

Or take a peek at Affilorama… they offer training in affiliate marketing. Click on the banner below… go on, you know you want to make money online, too!

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Read My April 2016 Affiliate Marketing Earnings Report

Now that you have an idea how I make money blogging, it’s your turn. If you need to earn more money on the side, research niche website ideas and create a list of possible niche ideas for you to make money with. Spend some time in Google looking at search results, monthly search queries and blogs or websites that already exist. Take a few days or weeks up front to find a money-making niche and then create content. If I can make money blogging with a competitive niche like camera bags, you surely can, too!

★☆★ Follow my Blog ★☆★

★☆★ Write Down Your Goals ★☆★

★☆★ Start Your Own Business ★☆★

★☆★ Be Willing to Be Different ★☆★

★☆★ Reinvest Your Money ★☆★

★☆★ Live Below Your Means ★☆★


*There are affiliate links in this blog post. And I write about the products because they mean something to me. If you click on a link and purchase a book or service, you will be all the smarter in the long run… and I might make an affiliate commission. This is how affiliate marketing works  – how content marketing works. The FTC requires that we (people who have affiliate links & adverts on their sites) put a disclaimer on the sites so that consumers know what’s going on. No one has paid me to write about anything above. I do it because I love it, and I hope you learn something that you can apply to yourself to make money one day!