Newbie Blogger Earnings Report Using the Amazon Affiliate Program

Here is my first monthly Newbie Blogger Earnings Report Using the Amazon Affiliate Program.


affiliate marketing earnings reportI recapped my 2016 affiliate marketing earnings in this report.

This was my first public recap of earnings, and overall for 2015 I was happy with my affiliate earnings – even though my income is just about enough to buy me a cup of coffee at 7-11 on a good day!

For 2016 I am going to recap the monthly earnings and include not just Amazon Affiliate earnings, but also include some Skimlinks, Adsense and any other income I am able to pull together.

Making money online is not easy, it’s not fast, it’s not for the faint of heart. Being a relative newbie blogger – making money online takes time.

I am constantly reminded by people I look up to in the online world (read Sean Ogle’s recent article about making money online here) that to make a decent living online you have to start somewhere, and that “somewhere” is at the bottom.

What Happened in January 2016 on my Niche Website

For January 2016 I didn’t do much posting at all on my niche website.

I posted 4 articles related to my niche.

I started to use Amazon Native Ads in some of my highest ranking posts so that I can try to direct more buyers to Amazon by showing “My Picks”.

Site Statistics

I had 2,670 Page Views for January 2016 on my Niche Website.

On my Amazon Affiliate Account I had 24 items ordered565 Clicks and the Clicks Conversion Rate to Sales was 4.25%.

earnings report for affiliate marketing, newbie blogger earnings report


Here is the overall big picture for my January Earnings from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Notice the difference in numbers from above to the below image.

I’m not sure how they figure out the numbers because these are both for January 2016, both have the same $ amount, but the items shipped number is different. *Scratching my Head*

amazon affiliate earnings report

Skimlinks – which I am still uncertain about, netted me $0.00. Not great at all. I get quite a few clicks from Skimlinks but no sales.

Adsense – I don’t have a lot of visitors to my site, and honestly my Adsense account is attached to a site I manage for work which is starting to get pretty solid traffic. My earnings for January 2016 is $10.86

Overall January 2016 Affiliate Income Earnings Are:

$45.62 – I can buy 1.5 Cups of Coffee per day at 7-11 with this kind of income! 😉

affiliate marketing earnings report

Well, that covers my January 2016 Affiliate Earnings Report.

Don’t let me slow slog to the top keep you from starting. This is not an easy way to earn money, but the one thing I have noticed is that CONSISTENT Effort, CONSTANT Learning, QUALITY Link Building does drive traffic to Amazon.

My goal is to make at least $100 per month by May. So far for February 2016 (Today is Feb 17th) I have beaten Janaury’s sales and have more than half as much traffic as Janauary.

My 2016 Goals are to:

  • Optimize my existing pages better for SEO
  • Utilize Amazon Native Ads more
  • Write Buy Guides and more Best Of’s
  • Build Back Links on Relevant Youtube, Quora & Other Relevant Blogs to drive more traffic

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