Niche Market Earnings Report: July 2016

amazon affiliate niche website statsOver the past year I’ve been reporting my monthly income from my Amazon Affiliate site.

I have one site that I’ve focused on since 2014, and it’s finally making over $150 per month for the past 2 months.

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Affiliate Niche Site Overview:

In July I tried a few new things to help increase my earnings, but overall my earnings are down (in USD) compared to June.

I believe my earnings are down because it’s the middle of summer in the US and people are on vacation.

Secondly, in June, I had a couple of $40 days which I didn’t have in July.

This is the main difference between June and July’s earnings report – $80.

And, honestly, that’s all ok with me. I consider anything over $100 a month from my niche website to be a huge win as a blogger.

The weird thing is that my overall site stats are up though… so the increase in traffic better make me more money starting in August 🙂


Changes to My Affiliate Link Structure by using Link:

I learned some time in the first week of July about a service called Genius link. I got interested in it because I saw after adding Clicky as my stats tool that a good portion of links were going to EU based readers – so I was losing out on the money I could be making from these guys.

Adding in Genius link as a link localizer has allowed me to make money from the EU Amazon Affiliate programs if someone buys a product in the respective country.

Secondly, by using the Genius Link tool, my Amazon links are now shortened and don’t look like Amazon affiliate links. I am getting a whole lot more page views because of this and link clicks.

My thought is: does Google like the way Genius link shortens the urls and ranking my posts higher because of it?

Are readers clicking on more links because they are shortened?

I’m not sure… but the page views are up dramatically. I know that heading into the fall and around Christmas, my blog should make even more money than it does now.


Another link localizer you can use is the Ulitimate Azon Theme to build your niche website


Added Income Via EU Amazon Accounts:

By adding Genius link and having the opportunity to capitalize on EU/Canadian sales, I’m making money where I wasn’t before.

Link Localized Amazon affiliate earnings July 2016

Eventhough my overall sales in the US are down, my EU/Canadian sales are starting to ramp up.

After my EU/Canadian accounts hit the $50 threshold (each separately), they’ll start sending checks to me for the income I’m making from driving sales to their sites.

Overall, I made over $40 or so by adding in these accounts by using the link app.

If you don’t know about link localization, you can learn about it from


Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Statistics:

Here are the July 2016 stats for my site regarding traffic, page views, bounce rate, and outbound links.

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If you want to have some really awesome stats reviews, start using Clicky. What I love about Clicky is seeing what’s happening on my site in real time with the SPY page. 🙂


See my comparison between Clicky, GA, and WP post here or Get Clicky Free Trial Now.


It’s by far better than Google and combined with the WordPress Jetpack stats, you’ll gain a lot of intel and learn what people are looking at and clicking on.

It will help you with content creation because you’ll see what’s working and write more related to what’s driving traffic.

And, I love seeing that people are checking out other pages on my site and that my bounce rate is pretty low at 22%.


Building out a Second Amazon Affiliate Site:

Based upon the intel on my first site, I’m building out a second Amazon Affiliate Niche website.

I started it in the middle to end of June and have just written a few posts.

It got over 210 views in July and only 35 in June.

amazon niche site statistics

It drove about 30 people to Amazon, but no sales yet.

It’s related to the niche my first site is in but it focuses on the technology instead of the accessories.

Making a new niche website is a lot of work, but if I can get the second niche site to sell more products and rank higher by doing some laser targeted keyword analysis, it’ll be amazing.


Overall July 2016 Amazon Affiliate Earnings:

This month I made $159.92 in Amazon Affiliate income in the US.

This will go directly into my bank account in 60 days less any refund fees.

$151.82 in sales and $8.10 in bounties is pretty awesome.

Add in the EU, GBP & Canadian dollar income to my overall revenue and my total Amazon affiliate earnings this month are:

$208.48 USD

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What are you waiting for??

If you haven’t started making a niche website yet, get your ass in gear.

Making a few extra bucks every month is nice.

It pays a bill and also gives me a second/third hobby.

Some people have even figured out how to make a 6-figure income by blogging about Amazon products every month.

I’m not there yet, and it’s not embarrassing.

Everyone starts somewhere.

My goal is to share my journey and inspire others along the way.

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