Tools I use to Make Money as an Online Affiliate Marketer

Some of the tools I use in my online businesses help me to do things more efficiently and effectively. I’m recommending them to you as well. You will need a tool box filled with resources to help you make money online.


Blogging Tools for Affiliate Marketing

AffiloTools – You can’t do affiliate marketing without keyword research. Keyword research is the foundation of marketing analyticsevery good affiliate marketing blog, website, ad campaign and blog post. My favorite research tool for that is AffiloTools. Without AffiloTools, I would be completely lost.

I don’t care how awesome you think you are with affiliate marketing keyword research, if you can’t pinpoint the keywords that matter and become competitive for them as fast, you’ll lose out on dollars you could be making if you had just taken the time for keyword planning.

I highly recommend the AffiloTools for all beginners marketers.

Super Affiliates – The Super Affiliate Handbook is possibly the most comprehensive handbook that will teach you affiliate marketing. You will learn why affiliate marketing professionals do what they do. Learn about Contextual Advertising and where to find the most recommended contextual advertising networks among a million other useful tools. And, it’s not expensive…

Blog Hosting

Every website you build will need to be hosted by web hosting company. All monetized blogs are built on self-hosting. This means that your blog isn’t created on a free website like below is a list of a few web hosting companies I recommend for your affiliate marketing and niche websites.

Bluehost – Bluehost is the hosting company I use to build my niche websites and even this informative affiliate marketing website you are reading now! is a great service with excellent support and videos to help you learn how to build a website today. See my post on how to create a niche website to help you get started with Bluehost and blogging for money.

If you want to see if your idea for a blog is available, Bluehost has the perfect tool to check availability now. Just type in your idea for a website name below and you can immediately find out if your blog idea is going to work!

Blogging Themes

Easy AZON  – The Ultimate Azon Theme  lets you create a custom look with all the options you need to create a performing niche website. With over 70 different style settings – Easy AZON makes it to create a unique look and feel that connects with your viewers. This turns your viewers into purchases by harnessing the power of Amazon’s marketing and selling prowess.

StudioPress Themes for WordPress – Genesis is the framework Earn Money Blogging is built on. I highly recommend it if you want control over your blog interface and look. Genesis is excellent if you are creating an Authority Niche site where you want to write product reviews, blog posts, use videos and podcasts as well as have total control over your side bars, calls to action, ads above the fold and so on.

Elegant Themes – This is another collection of WordPress themes I’ve bought. The designs are very nicely done and easy to use out of the box. These are great for people who want to create great sites that have a modern look and feel using images and contemporary theme structures. The controls are simpler than Genesis and easier for the newbie blogger.

Affiliate Marketing

Building a business as an affiliate marketer is a must. You will want to sign up for an explore the options available from the affiliate marketing companies out there which have products relating to your niche. You will get paid a commission for promoting products and services if someone buys a product you have linked to on your blog.

Selling Your Products

Amazon Kindle Publishing – If you have an idea for a book whether it’s short or long, fiction or non-fiction, you can self publish on Amazon. The process is pretty simple. Type up the book in MSWord and format it for Kindle. I have found that reading How-To’s from other authors is the best way to learn the process. So far I’ve published 3 books, and I have plans to publish more.

E-junkie – If you have written an e-book or produced a digital product you will want to make it available to your fans, E-junkie is another way to sell your digital product online. You can also promote E-junkie products as an affiliate marketer.

Shopify – Shopify is an excellent out of the box solution for newbie online entrepreneurs. It has a ton of templates to build your business and is an easy interface to navigate. I have worked in it for other business ventures and find it is the best for building an online business quickly. This site is for people who are selling tangible products, such as fashion accessories and real products they have manufactured. This isn’t a site for affiliate marketers.

Selling Other People’s Products

Amazon – The Amazon Affiliate program pays a commission on product which you have posted somewhere on the world wide web that directs a person back to Amazon to make a purchase. When you become an affiliate you are assigned a specific ID which gets embedded into a link so that Amazon can keep track of your referrals and purchases made by your referral.

AdSense – Google has made setting up ads on your site easy. Just sign up, create your ad(s) and stick the code wherever you want it to show up on your website. Just make sure NOT to click on the ads yourself or you will be booted and banned from the Adsense program.

Commission Junction – There are many affiliate programs available through CJ. I have joined quite a few and use the affiliate codes from retailers to set up ads in my side bars and headers. Most retailers also have text based link options so that you can include a link to their site in your blog post. In addition to using Google Adsense, this is a nice way to dress up your ads and make money at the same time.

ShareASale – Used to promote products and resources.

Skimlinks – I have joined the Skimlinks program and within the first week have earned money from the links I’ve posted to my Facebook niche site page. It is an easy program, but you need to have an established website up and running for a while. It should also be product related content that converts/sells well.

Email Marketing

Aweber – When building a business online you will want to capture leads to build an email list. Aweber’s service is exceptional and makes it easy to start building an email list on your blog.

Mail Chimp – An excellent email list building product.

LeadPages – Create landing pages, squeeze pages and set up an email list in a snap.

Link Cloaking

Simple URL’s– If you are using affiliate links, it is recommended that you cloak your links. This means, hide your affiliate link code from competitors, bots and redirects. I use Simple URL to create one of a kind links that redirect from my site to the affiliate site. It’s an easy to install plugin that you will also be able to track link clicks with.

Money Management

PayPal – Is excellent for invoicing clients and also provides a way for your clients to pay you instantly.


Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase something or subscribe to a service I recommend. The commission doesn’t come out of your pocket. It’s a fee the publisher pays to me as the person who led you to their product or service.

This is the gist of affiliate marketing – to drive sales via online real estate to a product that your audience finds useful. For each sale I may only make a few cents or a few dollars, but this is how I stay motivated and earn money to keep this site up and running. Your support is appreciated.