Top Blogging Tips for Beginners: Inbox Advice

blogging tips for beginners, affiliate marketing for dummies

Top Blogging Tips for Beginners: Inbox Advice

Are you new to blogging, affiliate marketing and making money online?


Have you signed up for every freaking freebie every blogger is passing out?

Let me hear a YES!

If you’re like me, you have an overload of information coming to you through the wire daily.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for some guy’s email list when I bought a product from him, and now I get 3-4 emails a day (I also found some in my spam folder that didn’t make it to my inbox!)


Definitely not!

Yet, there are some bloggers who do write useful content weekly, if not daily.

Here’s a round-up of the most useful tips I’ve received in the past week from bloggers in my inbox.

Top Blogging Tips for Beginners: Inbox Advice | August 21-27


Take a listen to the Fizzle team when you get a chance (Fizzle podcast).

Seasoned pros in the blogo & business sphere, their podcasts provide actionable advice for newbies.

For bloggers like yourself (and me), when setting up a niche or authority website, avoid this mistake:

“Choosing a business idea where you don’t understand the target customer enough…

If you don’t understand your customers deeply, if you don’t know them well, how will you solve a problem for them? How will you find them?

Understanding your customers is how you make your business idea stand out. It’s how you choose a business idea that people actually want, because you understand the customer intimately. Ideally you want to be able to explain your customers’ problem better than they can express it themselves.

You might be thinking, wait a second, that’s impossible. How would I know my customers’ problem better than they do? But this actually happens all the time, because customers are busy. They’ve got a lot going on in their lives and they have this thing that’s annoying them, but maybe they haven’t really sat down and spent months thinking about this thing. It’s just something that comes up and nags them every once in a while.

So you, as the business owner, if you get to understand that person and a bunch of other people like her, who have that problem, then you have this advantage of being able to synthesize all of that information and articulate it back to them in a way they never thought about before. Then they’re like holy crap this business really gets me.”

Take Away:

Actionable advice for niche website creators. Research what you want to write about, get to know who you are writing and creating for, and give them actionable advice… or in the case of an affiliate marketer – help them make a buying decision.

Give them enough info that meets their needs that they won’t go anywhere else before making a purchase.

Stuart Walker from Nichehacks.combest blogging advice, stuart walker blogger, Top Blogging Tips for Beginners: Inbox Advice

Maybe you aren’t a beginner. Maybe you have a product created but can’t figure out how to make money.

Stuart Walker gives you a blueprint to take action towards selling your products.

Need people to promote a product you’ve created?

Here’s how to find people already promoting similar products.

Find successful affiliates with Stuart’s advice and have them sell the crap out of your product for you:

“If you don’t have your own product you should consider it and probably will further down the line as it’s how the REAL money is made online.

Here’s a sneaky yet totally ethical way to find the biggest affiliates in ANY niche.

Go to then click on ‘marketplace’.

Choose your niche from the categories on the left hand side. The more specific you can be the better.

Once you’ve chosen your niche sort the products by ‘gravity’.

The top listed product will be the one that’s getting promoted like crazy by all the top affiliates.

Go over to

Type or paste the product name into Google with ‘review’ and hit search.

i.e. “Niche Profit Classroom + Review”

You’ll find a ton of affiliates who are reviewing the site on their blogs, social media profiles, youtube and more.

Visit their websites or profiles.

Look for contact details or ways to get in touch with them.

Take a note of all their details in a spreadsheet.

You can now contact these people and tell them you have a similar product which you are sure their audiences would love.

Send them a free review copy and offer them an incentive to promote. ”

Take Away:

If that’s not a blueprint for blogging and internet marketing success, what is?

Out of all the guys I get emails from (and yes, it’s mostly guys), Stuart has the best advice for taking actionable steps towards making money.

Reach out to others to make money.

Share your product for free to get reviews – and offer a discount code to get their list motivated to buy.

Neil Patelneil patel blogger

If you haven’t found Neil Patel yet, go find him now. Sign up for his list, get to know his techniques, apply them.

If you are writing long review content, learn about the Skyscraper Technique he writes about and refers to from Brian Dean of

“Master the Skyscraper Technique

This has nothing to do with big buildings and everything to do with creating industry-leading content that attracts and engages your audience.

When it comes to content creation and SEO, Brian Dean of Backlinko is one of the top names in the industry.

He’s the guy behind the Skyscraper Technique, so I’m going to borrow his explanation:

Master the Skyscraper Technique

Credit Neil Patel

This is something every beginner can understand. It’s also something that works for bloggers in every industry.

The first step is the most important. This is when you scour the internet, making note of the best content in your space. As noted above, you can use BuzzSumo to speed up the process.

From there, you have one goal and one goal only: to improve upon the best content. This can mean many things, but in an overall sense, you should be focused on quality above all else.

When you create the best content, it’s only natural to be rewarded in several ways:

  • Higher search engine rankings.
  • Better engagement with your audience.
  • The chance to prove yourself as a thought leader.

Once your content is published, you have one last task: reach out to influencers who can amplify your content by sharing it with their audience.

Instead of using a scattergun approach, hoping to pick up some interest along the way, Dean shares the following advice:

Instead of emailing random people, you’re reaching out to site owners that have already linked out to similar content.

By doing this, you know that the person has an interest in what you’re sharing. And, since your content is now the best of the best, there’s a good chance that the person will want to share it with their audience. Easy enough, right?

If you master the Skyscraper Technique early in your blogging career, it’s something that will pay off for many years to come. Even if you fail, in regards to reaching out to the right people, you still end up with quality content that has a good chance of performing well in the search engines.”

Take Away:

I first heard about the Skyscraper Technique and Brian Dean from Brent Hale at I’ve mentioned Brent before on in my monthly income round ups

Brent has successfully used the Skyscraper technique to publish long and exhaustive product reviews that have propelled his income from the Amazon Affiliate program to insane amounts.

He makes about $20,000+ monthly with his affiliate review sites.

If you are writing anything on the web, use the long format blog post technique to drive more organic traffic with SEO & outreach.

digital nomad blogger, affiliate marketing for dummies

Alexandra Jimenez – The 6 Figure Blogger

And, finally, from a successful female blogger, Alexandra Jimenez, the 6 Figure Blogger & Travel Fashion Girl:

“Myth #2 Most Bloggers Can’t Earn a Full-time Income Blogging

So now that we’ve cleared the air about blogging being easy, you have to wonder if it’s worth all the effort. If it’s so hard then why do people do it?

For the same reason you do other things in life: you love it, you want to try something new, or you want to earn money. If you’re reading this email then I suspect you are interested in making money.


But how can you do it?

You work for it.

Of course, that work is made easier when you have a solid foundation of proven strategies and tactics to use to grow your income.”

Take Away:

Apply the tactics above – do the work.

Success comes to those who work for it the most.

You should now have a few tactics to grow your blog and your online business using the advice from bloggers in my inbox.

I’ve applied a few of the techniques myself and have seen my income grow.

There’s still a ton of work to do, mostly because I’m trying everything and not focusing.

But, that’s another story!

I’m like most new bloggers who spend the first few years on everything, afraid not to try it all.

And, while I do make a few hundred dollars a month from my Amazon niche site, and have now made money with my first affiliate sale on Bluehost (finally), and have learned how to start advertising Ringpartner campaigns on Google Adwords from Raj @ Pay Per Call Exposed, and made some money on Kindle, and Adwords, I still need to focus more.

If you are struggling to find your way and make money blogging, start following the bloggers above. They have some of the best affiliate marketing tips for dummies  – like me 😉

You will learn enough to start making an income if you focus on one thing – creating stellar content.

Start writing Skyscraper blog posts.

Get them to rank in Google with SEO techniques, and add affiliate links to your post.

When I did that with my affiliate niche site, I started to make over $100 per month.

It’s not a tooooon of money; it’s just enough to keep me hooked and looking for a way to make more.

best affiliate marketing advice

Disclaimer: There are a couple of affiliate links in this article. If you sign up using my affiliate link I will make a small commission at no cost to you. 

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