Video Blogging for me is a way to connect with people in addition to writing about what’s going on in my online life. I’m focusing on sharing how much money I make with my niche websites, the steps I am taking to grow my family business, the goals I have in life and what’s happening in general.

If you want to watch my videos in chronological order, I’ll be posting them here below so you can find them easily.

I haven’t gone out and spent a ton of money on video equipment, graphic designers, or screen capture software. I like to think that just starting is enough for now. Just start with what you have… just start if your haircut is bad…. just start if you don’t know what you are doing! It doesn’t really matter that you start with everything perfectly aligned.

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I figure no one will be watching these for the first year anyway – so I am just starting and will tweak as I go!

If you do happen to watch these early on please comment and let me know what you think.



April 2016 Videos

How to Accomplish Goals and Get What You Want

Ten Rules on Being Rich: How to Become Rich Today

Earn Money Blogging Video Blog #4

Earn Money Blogging Video Blog #3

Earn Money Blogging Video Blog #2

Earn Money Blogging Video Blog #1


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